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How to Keep Garden Fountains Clean

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Having a garden fountain or water feature in your garden brings a calming and pleasant ambiance that is hard to top, but you do need to perform a little maintenance on them, to keep them looking nice and properly functioning.

1. Keep any plant debris such as leaves cleared away.
2. Remove any algae growth with a bristle brush.
3. Use an algae cleaner regularly to stop algae growth.
4. Do NOT use chlorine as this could damage the rubber tubes and seals in the pump.
5. Ensure that you top up the fountain with water when needed, so that the pump is always submerged.
6. Clean the water pump once a year to keep it operating properly.
7. Always keep water running, they are meant to stay on, so as to reduce the chances of algae build-up, unless emptying for winter.

Using these tips will help to keep your water fountain or feature from experiencing an algae build-up which will eventually clog the pump and cause it to burn out.


Top 6 Plants for Hanging Baskets

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Hanging baskets are an excellent way to maximise space in a small garden by providing beautiful displays at eye level. Having the right plants in a hanging basket can really add an astounding atmosphere of elegance to a garden.

Top 6 Plants for Hanging Baskets

1. Fuchsia- have an exotic-looking multicolour bloom that is very eye catching

2. Million Bells- are small petunia-like flowers that bloom in large clusters for an incredible pop of colour

3. Petunia- have beautiful medium size blooms that come in a variety of colours and can create a cascading affect in hanging baskets

4. Begonia- like a partially shaded location and should not be over-watered

5. Geranium- is an evergreen perennial which provide a bold splash of colour in any garden

6. Lantana- has tiny flowers that grow in bunches and like plenty of sun

All six of the beautiful flowers would be excellent for growing in hanging baskets to give your garden an alluring burst of colour.

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How to Repaint Your Wooden Garden Furniture

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Eventually there will come a time when your wooden garden furniture will need a fresh new lick of paint and maybe even some repair. If you are wondering how to go about sprucing up your rundown wood furniture, here are the steps on how to do it.

Repair Damage

Firstly, if there is any damage to the wood, you will want to start with this area and scrub the area down with a stiff wire brush so as to remove any old paint, rot or small wood bits. You can then repair that area with a high-quality wood glue and allow it to fully dry. Some areas may need a good quality filler which will need to dry and be smoothed down.


Before repainting you will need to sand off any old varnish or paint and then use a fine grit sandpaper to rough the wood up a little. Be sure to thoroughly wipe off the wood furniture before painting. You should ensure the furniture is in a well-ventilated area and not in direct sunlight. With paint, it is best to prime the wood first to ensure the colour of the paint will be its best. Ensure you are using good quality exterior paints, stains or varnishes to best protect the wood beneath. You should allow the items to dry fully before doing any additional coats.

Giving new life to your wood garden furniture will brighten up your garden and help you enjoy it more.

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Best Container Plants for Brightening Up Winter

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Winters in the UK tend to get pretty dark and grey at times but right now is a good time to be planning ways that you can ensure you have some colour in your garden. One of the best ways is with winter bloomers that work well in pots or containers so that you can reposition them as needed, so as to have whatever is blooming at the time in the most prominent positions.

Some perfect ideas are:

• Winter-flowering Heather
• Winter-flowering Pansies
• Violas
• Ivy
• Ornamental Cabbages
• Gaultheria Procumbens
• Snow Drops
• Skimmia Japonica
• Cornus (dogwood)
• Phormium
• Ajuga
• Christmas Rose
• Carex
• Hardy Cyclamen

You could also use a large pot and mix some of these items to have a nice variated planter. Having the tallest item in the centre and working your way out with descending plant heights to create a unique display. Keep your garden looking alive and vibrant during the winter months with some of these hardy options.

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Maximising a Small Garden Space

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Having a small garden does not mean you cannot have a flourishing, green space to relax in. There are several ways to achieve a gorgeous oasis by taking advantage of what you have.

One way to maximise your planting space is to use a ‘layered’ affect. By using plants of various heights, i.e. ground covers, flowers, shrubs etc, in an organised way, so that you can fill a small space beautifully.

You can use walls and fences to create vertical gardens by using a trellis and climbing plants or hanging planters and window boxes. You just may want to be cautious as some climbing and creeping plants can become very invasive or garden ‘bullies’.

Utilising hanging planters, ‘dwarf’ plants and columnar plants (plants that grow more vertically) are other ways of saving space. Always remember to leave some space, as there needs to be a balance. You do not want to create an over-crowed, claustrophobic environment.

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3 ways to prepare your garden for winter

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Gardens tend to look full of life and colour during the warmer months but start to look worn, overgrown, and miserable in the colder months. There are some things you can do to prepare your garden for the winter period to avoid this.

1. Clean up and remove any rotting or dying plants – generally, most plants need lots of sunshine to remain healthy, if you have any plants that are already starting to die then it may be best to remove them before the colder months.

2. Remove all weeds – during the warmer month’s weeds tend to grow very rapidly and then die during the colder months. Leaving them to die will only make your garden look miserable plus you will need to remove the roots if you want to avoid them coming back and taking over again.

3. Mulch – mulching in winter has many of the same benefits as doing it in the summer but will be particularly useful during the colder months. A thick layer of mulch will help regulate soil temperatures during freezing weather.

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How to clean garden statues

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Over time you may notice that your garden statues start to look worn, tired, and a little bit dirty which isn’t unusual. Statues and garden ornaments are exposed to the elements so they will over time become dirty and will look aged. Before deciding to replace your garden statues you can bring them back to life very easily with just a little bit of maintenance.

Start by washing your statues or ornaments with just some plain tap water a gentle spray with a hose will be sufficient. Mix water with a few drops of liquid dish soap and depending on the level of grime use either a scrub brush or a cloth to remove stains and dirt. Make sure that your soap is nontoxic to ensure it doesn’t kill any of your plants.

If your statue is made of wood be sure to wash with the grain of the wood and lift your statue off the ground to ensure thorough drying. If it made of iron you can scrape any hard to remove grime with sandpaper or a wire brush.

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Benefits of a bird house

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Birdhouses also known as nesting boxes are a great way of adding nature to your garden. Birds play a vital role in our ecosystem and if your birdhouse brings interest birds can actually be beneficial to your garden.

One of the main benefits of having a birdhouse is providing a safe and secure place for our feathered friends, in the winter months, birdhouses provide comfort and a place for them to snuggle to keep warm.

Aside from the benefits they give to nature they also will benefit you. Birds eat insects and weeds so attracting them can be a natural form of pest and weed control, this can eliminate the need to use nasty chemicals. There are also many birds who love to take nectar from flowers and help to pollinate. Having a well-maintained garden with landscaping that attracts birds is very appealing so it can add value to your home.

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How to decorate your small garden

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Small gardens, terraces and courtyard patios require a little more thought when it comes to designing due to limited space. The space you do have must be used wisely to achieve that outdoor space you want. Even the tiniest outdoor space can be transformed into a retreat with a small amount of planning. We’ve come up with some tips to help you transform your small garden.

1. Add levels – by adding extra levels using decking can create an illusion of more space.
2. Shelving and hooks – add shelving and hooks so you can place trinkets and decorative items.
3. Vertical planting – you can hang flower pots vertically to create a colourful feature, this will be much more eye pleasing than a plain wall or fence.
4. Alfresco dining – just because you have a small outdoor space, don’t let it stop you from enjoying food in your garden. You can pick up small 2 person tables.
5. Pallet furniture – if you have a courtyard garden you can build clever corner seating using pallets – this will use your space efficiently and the high back sofa design can hide unsightly walls.

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Add a water feature next spring

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Add a water feature next spring

A water feature is a lovely touch in springtime. You can quickly and easily give your garden a touch of tranquillity with a birdbath, fountain or pond. You also invite nature into your garden with water features, and it’s lovely to be able to look out the windows of your home to see lots of birds or squirrels using your garden like it’s their own home.

These can also add a touch of class to your garden, becoming a key focal point that only looks better with age. Every type of water feature will require some form of maintenance though, and even in spring and summer when the weather is sunny and nice and warm, you should still give the fountain or pond tiles a good scrub, whilst bird baths can easily be emptied, cleaned and refilled.

Why not invite nature into your garden next spring with a tranquil water feature?

Metal driveway gates

Gates for your driveway will offer you security and privacy, making your home safer and a more pleasant place to be. There are various gates you can choose, but metal driveway gates are one of the most popular options. Metal is a durable material that will last well out of doors, and you can choose from different decorative designs to suit your home. Metal gates will complement all homes and driveways, whether you are looking for a modern or traditional aesthetic. You can choose something as simple or as ornate as you like – generally, the gates will be made from a quality metal like steel, and will feature an attractive wrought iron design.