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Keeping your garden grass green

Posted by Sam on
Keeping your garden grass green

Maintaining a green grass can be one of the most frustrating aspects of gardening. With warmer days and less rainfall, grass can easily dry out and become discoloured and unattractive. There are two factors that contribute to your lawns growth; sunlight and water. Both factors are as important as each other, however too much or too little of each can affect your grass growth and colour.

If your lawn has patchy areas, where the grass has completely gone, try adding grass seeds and let them embed into the soil and start growing. Water your lawn daily if there has been no rainfall, remembering not to drown the grass, as too much water is not good for its growth.

If you feel your lawn is too worn and isn’t able to be saved, you may want to consider stripping the ground and getting new turf laid. New turf can give your garden a fresh start, and you can manage the lawn easier than before.