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Creating the perfect rockery feature in your garden

Posted by Sam on
Creating the perfect rockery feature in your garden

Gardens can be a creative haven, and adding a rockery is one way to add instant style. Adding a rockery to your garden is easier than you might think, and they can be the perfect garden feature for you. We have outlined some of the basic steps for creating your own rockery:

Ground- finding the right location for your rockery is easy. It requires adequate sunlight, and shouldn’t be placed in an area that is damp or covered in moss. Corners of gardens are a great place for a new rockery area.

Preparation- to prepare the ground it will need all weeds removed and levelling. Once levelled apply some lining to prevent any unwanted weeds from growing through and into your rockery.

Rocks- a rockery isn’t a rockery without any rocks. You will need a large variety of rocks both big and small so they can be arranged in an orderly fashion.

Plants and flowers- you can plant whatever plants or shrubs you desire, but you might want to think about adding some crawling plants to fill any empty spaces and give they rockery a stylish finish.