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Adding twinkle lights to your garden

Posted by Sam on
Adding twinkle lights to your garden

Needles in winter

We’ve long been a fan of twinkle lights, also known as fairy lights, and they’ve become extremely popular here in the UK. They first came to popular gardening stores during Christmas time, but it’s not uncommon to see them all year round now. With twinkle lights, you can add them to your fences, or the mature trees to the boundaries of your garden, or your sheds. They can create a cosy ambience in your garden, and it sets a nice scene if you’re one to entertain guests every now and then. You can also use them to light up particular areas, such as a swing, a pathway which leads down the garden or a flower bed. What’s more, these come in a variety of colours now, so you can choose white, blue or multicoloured if you’ve got a bit of a festive feeling right now. One thing we would recommend though is that you have a specialist electrician wire them into your garden, and do speak to him about the best bulbs to use too because you don’t want to be changing them each and every week.