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3 ways to prepare your garden for winter

Posted by Sam on

Gardens tend to look full of life and colour during the warmer months but start to look worn, overgrown, and miserable in the colder months. There are some things you can do to prepare your garden for the winter period to avoid this.

1. Clean up and remove any rotting or dying plants – generally, most plants need lots of sunshine to remain healthy, if you have any plants that are already starting to die then it may be best to remove them before the colder months.

2. Remove all weeds – during the warmer month’s weeds tend to grow very rapidly and then die during the colder months. Leaving them to die will only make your garden look miserable plus you will need to remove the roots if you want to avoid them coming back and taking over again.

3. Mulch – mulching in winter has many of the same benefits as doing it in the summer but will be particularly useful during the colder months. A thick layer of mulch will help regulate soil temperatures during freezing weather.