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Best Container Plants for Brightening Up Winter

Posted by Sam on

Winters in the UK tend to get pretty dark and grey at times but right now is a good time to be planning ways that you can ensure you have some colour in your garden. One of the best ways is with winter bloomers that work well in pots or containers so that you can reposition them as needed, so as to have whatever is blooming at the time in the most prominent positions.

Some perfect ideas are:

• Winter-flowering Heather
• Winter-flowering Pansies
• Violas
• Ivy
• Ornamental Cabbages
• Gaultheria Procumbens
• Snow Drops
• Skimmia Japonica
• Cornus (dogwood)
• Phormium
• Ajuga
• Christmas Rose
• Carex
• Hardy Cyclamen

You could also use a large pot and mix some of these items to have a nice variated planter. Having the tallest item in the centre and working your way out with descending plant heights to create a unique display. Keep your garden looking alive and vibrant during the winter months with some of these hardy options.