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How to Repaint Your Wooden Garden Furniture

Posted by Sam on

Eventually there will come a time when your wooden garden furniture will need a fresh new lick of paint and maybe even some repair. If you are wondering how to go about sprucing up your rundown wood furniture, here are the steps on how to do it.

Repair Damage

Firstly, if there is any damage to the wood, you will want to start with this area and scrub the area down with a stiff wire brush so as to remove any old paint, rot or small wood bits. You can then repair that area with a high-quality wood glue and allow it to fully dry. Some areas may need a good quality filler which will need to dry and be smoothed down.


Before repainting you will need to sand off any old varnish or paint and then use a fine grit sandpaper to rough the wood up a little. Be sure to thoroughly wipe off the wood furniture before painting. You should ensure the furniture is in a well-ventilated area and not in direct sunlight. With paint, it is best to prime the wood first to ensure the colour of the paint will be its best. Ensure you are using good quality exterior paints, stains or varnishes to best protect the wood beneath. You should allow the items to dry fully before doing any additional coats.

Giving new life to your wood garden furniture will brighten up your garden and help you enjoy it more.