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Top 6 Plants for Hanging Baskets

Posted by Sam on

Hanging baskets are an excellent way to maximise space in a small garden by providing beautiful displays at eye level. Having the right plants in a hanging basket can really add an astounding atmosphere of elegance to a garden.

Top 6 Plants for Hanging Baskets

1. Fuchsia- have an exotic-looking multicolour bloom that is very eye catching

2. Million Bells- are small petunia-like flowers that bloom in large clusters for an incredible pop of colour

3. Petunia- have beautiful medium size blooms that come in a variety of colours and can create a cascading affect in hanging baskets

4. Begonia- like a partially shaded location and should not be over-watered

5. Geranium- is an evergreen perennial which provide a bold splash of colour in any garden

6. Lantana- has tiny flowers that grow in bunches and like plenty of sun

All six of the beautiful flowers would be excellent for growing in hanging baskets to give your garden an alluring burst of colour.