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Here are some quick gardening tips to help you around your garden:

Using composting bins will save a lot of money and can reduce food waste
Shop at local nurseries as you can often buy plants cheaper and your supporting independent local business.
Learning about your garden including light levels, soil quality and moisture content of the soil will help you to choose the right plants and vegetables that will thrive in these conditions.
Ensure that your hose pipe is long enough to get to all areas of your garden, this will save you trips back and forth with a watering can.
Giving plants enough space to thrive and grow is essential.  Plant them too close together and they are competing for the nutrients in that area meaning one plant may not survive.
New plants can be very delicate, so handle them gently.
Weed your garden regularly especially within flower beds and vegetable patches to make sure the flowers and plants you wish to grown gain all the goodness from the soil and feed.