Benefits of a bird house

Posted by Sam on

Birdhouses also known as nesting boxes are a great way of adding nature to your garden. Birds play a vital role in our ecosystem and if your birdhouse brings interest birds can actually be beneficial to your garden.

One of the main benefits of having a birdhouse is providing a safe and secure place for our feathered friends, in the winter months, birdhouses provide comfort and a place for them to snuggle to keep warm.

Aside from the benefits they give to nature they also will benefit you. Birds eat insects and weeds so attracting them can be a natural form of pest and weed control, this can eliminate the need to use nasty chemicals. There are also many birds who love to take nectar from flowers and help to pollinate. Having a well-maintained garden with landscaping that attracts birds is very appealing so it can add value to your home.