How to clean garden statues

Posted by Sam on

Over time you may notice that your garden statues start to look worn, tired, and a little bit dirty which isn’t unusual. Statues and garden ornaments are exposed to the elements so they will over time become dirty and will look aged. Before deciding to replace your garden statues you can bring them back to life very easily with just a little bit of maintenance.

Start by washing your statues or ornaments with just some plain tap water a gentle spray with a hose will be sufficient. Mix water with a few drops of liquid dish soap and depending on the level of grime use either a scrub brush or a cloth to remove stains and dirt. Make sure that your soap is nontoxic to ensure it doesn’t kill any of your plants.

If your statue is made of wood be sure to wash with the grain of the wood and lift your statue off the ground to ensure thorough drying. If it made of iron you can scrape any hard to remove grime with sandpaper or a wire brush.