How to Keep Garden Fountains Clean

Posted by Sam on

Having a garden fountain or water feature in your garden brings a calming and pleasant ambiance that is hard to top, but you do need to perform a little maintenance on them, to keep them looking nice and properly functioning.

1. Keep any plant debris such as leaves cleared away.
2. Remove any algae growth with a bristle brush.
3. Use an algae cleaner regularly to stop algae growth.
4. Do NOT use chlorine as this could damage the rubber tubes and seals in the pump.
5. Ensure that you top up the fountain with water when needed, so that the pump is always submerged.
6. Clean the water pump once a year to keep it operating properly.
7. Always keep water running, they are meant to stay on, so as to reduce the chances of algae build-up, unless emptying for winter.

Using these tips will help to keep your water fountain or feature from experiencing an algae build-up which will eventually clog the pump and cause it to burn out.