Making mature garden borders work

Posted by Sam on

If you’ve inherited a garden that’s a little bit wild with mature trees and shrubs, it may look a little worse for wear right about now, however, you can keep some of that character and create a garden that’s unique and stunning.

Mature shrubs and trees do have their place in a beautiful garden, and before you jump ahead and cut them out of your garden, why not consider keeping them? Mature garden borders can work really well as they give you privacy when you need it, and they also add more character to your garden. You just have to find ways to find the balance between tidy lawns, neat patios and mature borders. To find the balance, why not split your garden into different areas like the lawn, seating area and boundaries? Mature shrubs, plants and trees can be part of your boundary and when combined with newly planted flowers, you can create a stunning border that’s way more impressive than standard fence panels!