Adding a pond to your garden

Posted by Sam on

If you are looking to update your garden but are not sure how, why not try adding a pond. Ponds are a very attractive feature to add to your garden, and also bring more nature and wildlife nearby too.

Ponds do not have to be big, they can vary in shape and size depending on the size of garden space you have and the design you want it to be. Once you have the area marked out, begin digging to the desired depth you want the pond to be. After you have dug the area pout completely, place a layer of sand into the hole and line with soft felt, covering the entire inside of the hole.

The next step in to lay the pond liner, this must be done carefully, making sure you do not rip or damage it. Damage to the line will cause leaking. Place rockery and large stones around the pond, and fill with water. Depending on what fish you want to add, you may want to consider a pump and filter system.