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Add a water feature next spring

Posted by Sam on
Add a water feature next spring

A water feature is a lovely touch in springtime. You can quickly and easily give your garden a touch of tranquillity with a birdbath, fountain or pond. You also invite nature into your garden with water features, and it’s lovely to be able to look out the windows of your home to see lots of birds or squirrels using your garden like it’s their own home.

These can also add a touch of class to your garden, becoming a key focal point that only looks better with age. Every type of water feature will require some form of maintenance though, and even in spring and summer when the weather is sunny and nice and warm, you should still give the fountain or pond tiles a good scrub, whilst bird baths can easily be emptied, cleaned and refilled.

Why not invite nature into your garden next spring with a tranquil water feature?