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Maximising a Small Garden Space

Posted by Sam on

Having a small garden does not mean you cannot have a flourishing, green space to relax in. There are several ways to achieve a gorgeous oasis by taking advantage of what you have.

One way to maximise your planting space is to use a ‘layered’ affect. By using plants of various heights, i.e. ground covers, flowers, shrubs etc, in an organised way, so that you can fill a small space beautifully.

You can use walls and fences to create vertical gardens by using a trellis and climbing plants or hanging planters and window boxes. You just may want to be cautious as some climbing and creeping plants can become very invasive or garden ‘bullies’.

Utilising hanging planters, ‘dwarf’ plants and columnar plants (plants that grow more vertically) are other ways of saving space. Always remember to leave some space, as there needs to be a balance. You do not want to create an over-crowed, claustrophobic environment.